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History of The Dalek Mod


Dalek Mod started on October 25th, 2012 as a simple update to 1WTC’s already existing mod, «Pigman+» which added a few Daleks to the mod.

A few days later on October 30th, 2012, he decided to make this a separate mod, called Dalek Mod. The mod was originally just for Modloader, then Forge versions released alongside it, until 2013 when Modloader support was dropped and it became Forge only.

Note: The following history is subjective and from the viewpoint of the writer. The Dalek Mod does not class it into these eras.

The UDWF1 Era

The UDWF1, or «Sam» Era, was the year UDWF1 joined the Dalek Mod team, and made the update videos from Update 1, all the way to Update 25. This era is also when the first Advent Calendar happened, Khotarri, YouTuber02 and RedDash also joined the team, Dalek Mod released for 1.5 and 1.6.4, and moved from Modloader to Forge. Near the end of 2013, the SWDTeam was formed, including all of the current developers of the mod. Sam finally left after making Update 25 at the beginning of 2014, which then lead to there being no main update video creator. Unfortunately most of the update videos from this era are missing, due to Sam deleting them from his channel in 2017, however a few of them have been found including the very first, Update 1.

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The Wilderness Era

The Wilderness Era lasted from Update 26 to Update 32 and was a time of uncertainty for the mod. With no-one to make the update videos and the mod now in 1.7.10, updates slowed down and videos took longer and longer to finally release, having to be recorded by whichever team member was able to do so. Update videos often got merged, with Updates 26 and 27 being made as one video, due to confusion with the numbering system, Update 28’s video being released as Update 29/30 and Update 31 ended up never getting an update video released for it. Luckily, in June 2014, Didgeridoomen (Matt) was introduced who has made every update video since.

The Golden Era

The Golden Era of the mod was from updates 33 until 38, This is when what are regarded as some of the most memorable or best update videos were released, including Death to the Dalek Mod (Update 33), the 2 Year Anniversary (Update 36) in which Sam returned, ending with his character being killed off to stop questions about him coming back, which Matt has later said he regrets doing, and the second Advent Calendar (Update 37). Everything was going well for the mod, and it looked like it would remain that way. This however, was not the case.

The Dark Era

The team, apart from John, began to work less on the mod, despite updating to 1.8 and later 1.12 while being more popular than ever and now having a proper official server, updates began slowing down. The updates themselves also started to be generally smaller in features and more buggier than earlier ones, due to John putting in most of the effort. During 2015, Khotarri left the team and RedDash left afterward in 2016, leaving only John, Matt, and Luke left. Eventually another developer, SubDivide, helped John to maintain the mod and, around Update 47, he officially joined the SWDTeam alongside RedDash returning. However, after only a few months, Sub left. Eventually everything culminated with the release of Update 48. The update is regarded by the SWDTeam and many players to be one of the worst in the mod’s history. The update released with an overwhelming amount of bugs as result of a rushed launch due to player demand, and a lot of server staff leaving afterwards. The nail in the coffin was when it was announced that Timelord Gamer, one of John’s best friends, had committed suicide (later found to be a hoax, though still gone from the community.) This all lead to John announcing in September 2018 that the mod would be ceasing development, the servers would be shutting down and Update 48 would be the final update for the mod.

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The Revival Era

Shortly after John had announced the mod was dead, he changed tune and announced the mod would continue. This lead to the Revival Era, from Update 49 to Update 53. As the mod slowly regained it’s footing, the there was no update after Update 48 until nearly a year later when Update 49 finally released. Two new developers, Josia50 and Ed started to work on the mod alongside John, and now Matt, to add some of the most requested features of the mod such as Bigger on the Inside (BOTI)/Smaller on the Outside (SOTO). Old features such as Dalek Storm returned, and the 50th update of the mod was released to huge success. A third Advent Calendar was also made, and ending up being the most successful one yet. The mod is now even more popular than ever.

The Transitional Era

The Transitional Era is the current era of the mod from Update 54 to present day, as the mod is beginning it’s transition from 1.12 into 1.15. rainbowdestiny (Khotarri) made a surprise return as Developer alongside Ed leaving as the updates start one final story line to close off the 1.12 era of the mod, more highly requested features like the ability to choose your interior, the time vortex and the citadel on Gallifrey have been implemented, and the mod remains in good standing as it looks towards 1.15 on the horizon.


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